Friday, May 29, 2015

Insurance Problems - Sometimes You Need a Champion

Recently my wife and I opened our home to a young man, I'll call him Jay, we had known for many years.  He had in fact attended high school and college with several of my boys.  What we did not initially realize was this talented young man has serious back problems and was not getting the proper long term care.

After discussing with my wife, we (read she) decided to help by going to the medical offices with Jay to see how we could ensure he received the medical care he desperately needed.

Well, it worked.  I'm not sure that I said anything different than Jay had previously presented, but we were provided printed information with phone numbers of who Jay needed to contact for the long term care.

After the meetings and calls, Jay finally admitted that this has been the first time in almost a year that he has gotten anywhere.  I'm not claiming to have any secret way of getting what you want, nor am I a medical expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Just pointing out that sometimes you just need to show up to help someone.

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