Friday, May 29, 2015

Are Small Business Loans Good for Business?

Many, many, many years ago (geez), I worked with a company then claiming to be one of the largest Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders.

Essentially, I franchised a small area, really just a few cities, in California and began assisting those looking for SBA loans.  As you can imagine, there was lots of paperwork and not everyone gets approved.

So why am I blogging about SBA loans?  Simple, during tough times people tend to get motivated and look for opportunities to improve there financial condition.  Regardless of whether or not they are employed.  Lately several friends have brought up the "self-employment",which had me reminiscing.

My suggestions.  The SBA has a lot of good information to share and I believe they still have volunteers to help small entrepreneurs.  So suggest you start with them and learn about the different times of loans/financing available.  You can learn more about the specific SBA loan opportunities at, there are programs to consider.

As for current SBA lenders or other business lenders, just use Google to kick off your search.

And yes, small business loans may be good for business!

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