Sunday, August 9, 2015

Social Security Disability Secrets

Social security disability insurance is not a “free” public program, it is something that every worker in the US pay’s into. It is meant to be a safety net for workers that become disabled.  Many people are surprised to find that if they never worked they are not eligible for SSD. There is a program in place called “Social Security Insurance” or SSI that indigent people can apply for but social security disability is left exclusively for those that have at one point paid into the program.

There are some social security disability secrets that you should know if you plan on filing a claim.

Have Your Ducks In a Row 

Social Security Disability insurance claims can be a long process but if you have all your ducks in a row before you file you have a better chance of navigating some of the red tape effortlessly.  If you have your medical records in order and do not have to wait for them to be released to the SS administrator you can cut a substantial amount of time off your wait period.

List it All

If you down play any of your symptoms or try to put on a tough front you may lose out on some of your benefits. Record every ache, pain and symptom. Be sure that you tell your doctor about every symptom. Make sure your pain level is recorded at every doctor’s appointment.  Your pain can easily become part of your disability if it is recorded.

Mental Illness

Social Security Disability insurance can cover mental illness as long as it is well documented.  A statement from a certified psychologist or psychiatrist is needed. The SSA will not accept statements from a counselor it has to come from an actual Dr. or PHD.

Work History 

Most people understand the importance of the role that their medical records play but they do not pay enough attention to their work history information. Make a list of all the jobs you have ever held and the approximate dates that you held them and submit the information as an attachment to your application for disability.

Doctors Statement

Get a statement from every doctor that you see. Ask them to be as detailed as possible about your condition so there leaves little question. You should also include any Xray reports, CAT scan reports, MRI or blood work reports. Include every piece of relevant medical information and ask the doctor to do the same with their statements.

List of Conditions 

With a simple web search you can easily find the list of conditions that the SSA approves for disability. They have very strict guidelines and only cover a very specific list of illnesses/injuries/conditions that they cover for 100% disability payments.

Understanding the list can help you when you speak to your doctor about what SSA deems as disabled.

First Denial 

If you are denied the first time do not give up hope, many people are denied the first time. Some people are denied a second time as well and go on to win the award during an appeal. If you and your doctor feel that you are 100% disabled keep fighting. Most people that never get social security disability insurance don’t get it because they give up the battle.

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