Thursday, June 11, 2015

Auto Insurance Quotes

What are you really comparing with auto insurance quotes.  These quotes always depend on several factors.  Your driving record and type of vehicle.   But the cost may also also reflect how efficient the company operates or the companies risk appetite.  So a company with a really low rate may weed out high risk customers.  Or, if they are trying to build a book of business, may be accepting those high risk customers but may cut back on service in order to pay for loses.

So, When you are deciding on an auto insurance company, don't just look to the rate or the cool ads on TV.
 How do they pay claims compared to peer companies.  And perhaps even more important, how do regular folks like you and me rank there service.

There are formal rating services out there, just google "auto insurance ranking" and you will see some well known names.  But is there a social ranking, e.g our peers rate their experience thus creating a ranking.  Let me know if you find a good one.

Interestingly enough, Google has launched a new tool to sell car insurance to US web searchers.  It is an interesting read and may be something I would use.  Or, you can go direct to the site,  Please come back and let me know your experience if you try it.  

Why this particular muse?  Well recently I noted in Switching Insurance Carriers post, that one of my boys just changed insurance companies.  And his rational got me thinking.

Be diligent in your comparison!

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